Freedom's Hill Church

In October of 1847, a Wesleyan Methodist Minister, who loved God and hated slavery accepted a call to pastor a new congregation of Southern Christians who had taken the same courageous stand in the turbulent years before the Civil War. Unwilling to wait for better weather in the spring, they broke ground during the winter months of 1847-48. A 27' X 36' chapel originally located in the Snow Camp community of what is now Alamance County, North Carolina was dedicated in March, 1848. Freedom's Hill Church, now located on the campus of Southern Wesleyan University will offer student-led worship services and interpretive programs. A Heritage Center will be built next to the church for the comfort and convenience of guests. 

Freedom's Hill Church
725 Wesleyan Drive
 Southern Wesleyan University
Central, South Carolina 29630-1020

Phone:  (800)289-1292,  (864)644-5000, Ext. 0.